Would you like to tell a story with photos? Capture moments and create photographic memories or... simply take photos of the beauty around you? We may be able to help you! Learning basics of photography will definitely help fulfill your creative vision as every photographer needs to undrstand the light, master the composition and get to know it's own photographic equipment...


At PhotoWalk we offer group, family and individual workshops tailored to level of knowledge and needs needs of participants. We can organize one-day trainings, weekend courses and cyclical classes in Warsaw and throughout the country. The wide range of training topics includes, among others, such issues as:



You don't need a photographic experience or sophisticated photo equipment to take the lessons. Basic model of dSLR, mirrorless or advanced compact camera is quite enough to start taking your photographic knowledge to the next level. We will be glad to adjust the dates and duration of training to your individual needs. We can also lead our workshops as part of integration and training trips organized by companies. Please contact us for more information! We speak English!



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