The Powsin Botanical Garden was officially founded in 1974 as an independent research unit of the Polish Academy of Sciences. It is located on the outskirts of Warsaw. It is easily accessible by the car and public transport. The Botanical Garden of the Polish Academy of Sciences is an institution of broad activity. On one hand, it is a research institution dealing with plants in the areas of botany, physiology biochemistry, genetics, molecular biology, biotechnology, ecology and horticultural sciences. On the other hand, The Garden serves to the public as an institution for popularization of knowledge about plants, an education centre and a place of recreation. On the area of 40 hectares, over 8000 species and varieties of common, decorative, useful and exotic plants have been gathered. Particularly noteworthy is the collection of woody plants, in which one can admire one of the largest expositions of magnolias (magnolias and tulip trees) in Poland, the collection of heather plants (with rhododendrons and azaleas) and conifers. The collection of roses located in the Garden was created in 1998, and in 2008 acquired the status of a national collection. Powsin garden is open year-round.

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