What kind of photo events do You offer?

We offer variety of photographic workshops, photo walks and sightseeing tours in Warsaw and across Poland. Warsaw Photo Walks are intended for People visiting our city and willing to discover & photograph it's major tourist attractions. During Photo NatureWalks we invite You to discover beauty of the city and suburban parks, botanical gardens and forests, away from crowded places and noisy tourist attractions. Biebrza River Photographic Trips are combining elements of ecotourism and photographic workshops in one of the most beautiful wildlife refuges and bird sanctuaries in Europe. Finally, Discover Poland Trips are highly customized, 3 to 14 day tours, combining elements of sightseeing and active tourism (with transportation, guide services, meals and night accomodations included).

All above are customized events and can be organized for small groups, families or individual clients.
Feel free to contact us for details or to obtain no-obligation offer.


What are the dates of the workshops?

The good news is: we do not have a strict dates and will accomodate to Your individual needs! Tell us when, where and for how long would You like to go and we will prepare no-obligation offer, including detailed itinerary, main attractions list and the cost estimate. We organize workshops, trips and walks for individual clients, families and small groups as well. Feel free to contact us for details! We speak English and are available 7 days a week!


Do you accept "last minute" reservations?

Feel free to contact us any time! Just arrived to Warsaw for a weekend and want quick, guided photographic tour? We are just a phone call away! Call us 7 days a week at +48 790 77 55 00, let us know when and what would You like to do and we will plan the rest!  


Who should attend our events?

Our Walks, Tours and Workshops are addressed to all photography lovers: enthusiasts and more advanced photographers. We will show You dozens of unique places across Poland and tell you how to photograph them best possible way. You do not need vast photographic experience, knowledge or professional equipment to travel with us! Please remember, that we can arrange low-cost camera rental and teach You step-by-step, how to use the equipment! Join us to discover, what Warsaw and Poland has to offer!

What is so unique about Biebrza River?

Biebrza River National Park is one of the most unique and untouched by human places in Europe. The flora of the Park is characterised by great diversity, high degree of naturalness and the presence of many rare plant species. Many bird species typical for marshes and swaps nest here. What is more, the Biebrza Valley is of particular importance for many species resting here during their yearly migrations. For waders (Charadriiformes) Biebrza is one of the most important refuges in Central Europe. The most typical mammal of the Biebrza National Park is the elk (Alces alces), which managed to survive the times of the World War II in no other place, only here. Moreover, the Park is home to 48 species of mammals, 271 species of birds, 36 fish, 12 amphibians and 5 species of reptiles. Invertebrates are represented by over 700 species of butterflies!


Do I have to own professional photo equipment to participate?

Not really! Any type of equipment is welcome (including DSLR, mirrorless and bridge cameras), but if You do not own the camera, we can help! During our Biebrza River Photo Workshops and Discover Poland trips, thanks to our photo partners, you can rent photographic equipment at low cost. Feel free to contact us for details.


What kind of clothes do I need?

For short Photo Walks choose clothes best suited for current weather conditions. As for the Biebrza River Tours and other multi-day trips: appropriate clothes are always essential, especially in wilderness! We will be spending most of the day outdoors. In the winter, temperatures in Poland may drop way below 0 degree of Celsius, while summer months may be sunny, hot and dry with temperatures reaching 30 degress of Celsius. It is essential to match the clothes to the time of the year. It is important to remember about proper shoes. Hiking boots for all seasons are strongly recommended. Rain boots may also be useful for the spring time, especially at the Biebrza River National Park trails. Don't forget rain coats and mosquito & insect repellents (except winter). Feel free to contact us for detailed information.


How do I get to Biebrza River Workshops? 

Easiest way is to get to Warsaw or any other major city and rent the car. Trip from Warsaw to the heart of Biebrza River National Park will take less than 3 hours drive. An alternate transportation is the PKP InterCity train from any major city in Poland to Bialystok, where we will pick you up by car. Finally, we can also arrange the transportation from any major city/airport of Poland. Just let us know, what is the most convenient way for You and we will do the rest!


How can I pay for the workshop?

We accept bank account and Western Union money transfers, credit card (PayPal) and cash payments. Depending on the type of event, we may require deposit to book/confirm the trip. The remaining amount will be then due upon arrival. Feel free to contact us for details!


I paid for the workshop but I can't participate. What will happen to my money?

We understand, that sometimes accidents do happen! First of all, contact us as soon as possible amd let us know, what is going on. Depending on type of reservation and time remaining to the event, we will offer you variety of options, including rescheduling or entire/partial money refund. Your satisfaction is our top priority! 


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